The Biggs’

My husband and I were first-time home buyers and newly married when we began looking for a house to buy in the Huntsville area. My husband is from the UK, and I am not from the area. We first began looking into renting an apartment, and then began looking at possibly building a home with one of the many home builders in the area.  We were with another realtor and very unhappy. Our realtor at the time was pressuring us to buy with a particular home builder, and on many occasions never showed up to appointments to see other houses, which we had found on our own. To make a long story short, we started doing some research on not only this particular home builder our realtor was pushing us towards, but also on the realtor him/herself. As it turned out, the realtor had written him/herself an unheard of commission amount into our contract, on top of other un-discussed fees. In addition, the home builder the realtor was adamant we purchase from was, and still is, one of the lowest rated, and has the lowest resale value in the area. Needless to say, we immediately canceled our contract with the realtor. This experience left us jaded, and we decided to put off buying a home for a while.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Eventually, my husband began doing extensive research again on all of the local realty companies in the north Alabama area. That’s when he came across @Homes Realty Group. My husband called Elizabeth Golden, the owner, directly and told her about our previous ordeal. We wanted a realtor who would protect us this time around and listen to our concerns. We wanted someone of the highest moral/professional caliber. Elizabeth immediately placed us with Nick Pappas. I cannot say enough good things about Nick.  He is someone we now consider to be our good friend. Nick is always early for appointments, and thoroughly researches every home he shows. If we sent Nick a list of a dozen homes on Friday we wanted to see on Saturday, Nick would make it happen. Nick probably showed us almost a hundred homes in the greater Huntsville area. Nick deserves a medal for his patience! Nick never glazed over any details and is always brutally honest, which is refreshing! At every house we viewed, Nick made a point to show us not only the good points/features, but all of the bad flaws/downfalls. Nick always had time for us, always made us feel important, and we were always his highest priority. Also, everyone at @Homes Realty were always warm and welcoming when we stopped by the office. We eventually found the house of our dreams and Nick was there for us every step of the way. Nick’s service doesn’t stop at your signing day; Nick is always there for us when we need his advice on anything from insurance to handymen. I would highly recommend Nick Pappas and @Homes Realty to anyone who is looking for to buy or sell a home in the Huntsville area. If we ever sell our house, Nick is our guy!

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